International Sales

Dear International Customer,

if you leave in Switzerland, in Norway or in a NO EU  Country, you can benefit of the Tax Free System.

We have two scenarios :

1) You buy directly in the fisical shop in Domodossola (VB) or you buy in the Online Shop and choose "In-Store PickUp".

  • The only limit to have Tax Free System is that the total of the goods is equal or more than 155 Euro (no matter if in 1 or more items)
  • GVM Shop will issue a regular invoice with 22% Italian VAT.
  • As you cross the Italian border, you have to sign the invoice with the export stamp from the italian custom.
  • Two solutions to get back the italian VAT :
  • or you come back to GVM and immediately, after the delivery of the stamped invoice, we will give back the amount of VAT or by cash or by a Promo Code to spent on OnLine Store.
  •  or you send by post the invoice stamped to GVM and GVM will send you a Promo code of same amount of Italian taxes to be spent or on Online Store or directly into the shop.


2) You choose the delivery at your address in a No Eu Country with courier (GLS, UPS, ... )

With this method is all automatic and you will pay immediately the correct No VAT Amount. Note that you will be charged by your country custom about VAt and duties.


An Example of how it works  :

Scenario 1 ---> You Buy a ski priced at 573,00 Euro no tax. You will get an Invoice of 573,00 (ski Cost)+126,00 (VAT) = 700 Euro and you pay it. Later, after the stamp, you deliver the invoice to GVM that will recognise to you a credt of 126,00 Euro. So you have paid the ski, in the final 700-126=573 Euro Only.

Scenario 2 ---> You Buy a ski at 573,00 Euro + shipping expenses and goods will be delivered ay your home (note that shipping expenses are higher for no EU countries)